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Prototype Design Services

How does the product prototyping process work?

Starting with the engineering calculations required to verify your concept, to CAD models and rendering, to detail drawings and schematics, through ironing the bugs out of production - we've been there before!

Who uses prototyping services?

Typically companies who don't have any design staff of their own, but also:

  1. Companies that are short handed.
  2. Companies on a tight schedule.  
  3. Companies behind the technological curve.  Not able to keep up with the rapid advances in technology. 

Types of Projects

  1. Mechanical devices    
  2. Electro-mechanical.  
  3. Design concepts.  
  4. Existing product design modification.

Examples of our work:

Auto Calcimeter for soil testing
Hot Bonder for aircraft repair
Cigarette Rolling Machine


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